Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fresh Air is Good for the Brain

Its funny how you don't even realize you miss something so much until you go and do it. I did get some neat pictures. This one was taken by the Westmorland Bridge just as the sun was setting.

My walk was mentally refreshing and full of odd twists. While standing on the ramp to the now non-existant Carlton Bridge, I noticed that the yellow stripe was still visible. They must have used some paint back then. THen I met Mary, a young lady who I noticed setting fire to the grass. We ended up having a neat conversation. Cool kid. I ran into Randy and Rhonda randomly at the King's Place as I was cutting through to home. While walking through the grave yard I passed some people involved in some likely sketchy sales, but also got the sense that the dead were restless. I wouldn't give this feeling too much credit, since earlier in the day I'd had the sense for sure that my Tim Horton's cup was a RAV4 winner at least until I rolled up the Rrrrim to not win. I spent 10 minutes talking to a lady who owned a 4 year old Toyota Echo in Impulse Red. She had a lot good to say about it - she even pulls a small trailor with it. Its funny how people love to talk about their cars. I've done the same thing with a few people - all of whom enthusiastically enumerated the excellences of their Echos. I love striking up conversations with random strangers, they often result in crazy and interesting discussions.

I thought of at least a million things that I wanted to post about. . . but I think I'll spare you most of it today - walking is also linked to excessive philosophical musings on topics including idealism, parenting (i.e. you shouldn't let your 12 year wander around Toronto after dark), teaching, cars, canoeing, Doe Lake and Iron Ring (6 days). But I'll spare you for now and return to musing about storm sewer and such.

Good Night,

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