Friday, March 24, 2006

Mississing Water Found

I've managed to track down all of the water that had escaped from my storm system. It was actually the fancy system with pipes (and 148 nodes) that had the problem, while the pristine environment was doing exactly what it was supposed to. (Sort of like real life, but I wasn't as sure of the assumptions for overland flow, owing to the fact that we didn't use in in our course last semester)

The main problem is that the data I started with has several manholes that were double sampled (i.e. they had 2 ore more entries for the same location.) Although, I managed to clean most of these up, I made some quirky error in Excel, that resulted in some of them being missed. So, some of it was hiding in manholes that have 2 different ID number in the same spot with one connected to the system and the other not. The last and most exasperately piece was a pipe that turned the corner missing a manhole by a fraction too small to see unless you blew up the map to a fairly large scale.

Argh for computers . . . or yeah? And I agree with Colin - Douglas Adams knew about engineering.

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