Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dreams of Summer

The picture to the left was taken early morning in Martin's Head, NB. Getting to Martin's Head is probably half the adventure, but it is certainly beautiful once you get there.

We arrived there on a foggy Friday night in August (Me, Gabe and Trevor) and set up camp. The "getting there" part involved me and Trevor coming from Fredericton to Sussex to pick up Gabriel - who was coming up from Alma and then continuing in Trevor's Truck - since there is no way that Gabe's car would have made it on that road. This infamous road is an over utilized logging road with water filled washouts deep enough to loose a small car in. (I suspect that Trevor enjoyed the drive) The going is slow owing to the number of other users - mainly four-wheelers and moter bikes. The last bit of the road is an insanely steep and washed out road - and I say this having spent most of the summer deep in woods on logging roads in areas that were not currently under operation - so its not like a little rut or fallen tree was going to shock me. - that comes rattling out onto an imense (and fog covered in our case) beach.

The pictures we took the next morning as the fog lifted off of the ocean (bay of Funday) are probably some of the best I've ever taken. The tide was low and we were able to walk out to an Island/Isthamus where I took the above picture. The vegetation was facinating to my repressed biologist and the view of the ocean and the rocks was breath-taking. I think that the beach is crown land and sadly has become a party beach for four-wheeling and others much to the detriment of the surrounding environment. We were lucky that there were only 4 other groups that night on the beach and that they were quiet familys for the most part. I'm going to miss the Ocean. There is something about real ocean beaches that freshwater ones can't match. I will have to take Gabe to Wasaga or maybe even singing sands or Lake Superiour Provincial Park as they do have some charm.

As for me, I'm back to designing parking lots and swales until summer comes and I can occasionally escape the city (to the Escarpment at least).

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