Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Many Roads To Procrastinus


I've been up for two hours and have yet to start into the very important stuff that I should have done a week ago and which will make the next few days crazy. I did however discover Google Earth and locate my house and a few other special places before realizing that I should escape before I get too interested. I also added a new link to Gabe's fledgeling blog and emailed a bunch of people whom I haven't talked to in forever. I also added a counter to the bottom of this page.

Our adventures in Sussex continued Wednesday night with a Women's Day Tea where we had the priledge of hearing stories from 3 local war brides who came to the maritimes from Britain with their Canadian soldier husbands. It was pretty neat, and they were all first rate story tellers. I think it would be terrifying to leave Canada to move to the homeland of a foreign soldier. I'm not sure I'm that adventurous. Charlene and Andrea came up from Kingston and had a good time.

Thursday afternoon we spent with Gabe's Dad playing cards and debating a variety of issues. I'm not sure I didn't convince him that I was nuts.

Friday we headed back to Fredericton. The weather, which had be beautiful, took a turn for the worse, but we seem to have come around to fine weather. Tintaglia is back on the road with only minimal fussing for a dragon and we haven't won a RAV4 yet, but we're still hoping.

I got laughed at by my co-worker for having a RAV4 as a dream car, apparently ones dream car should be completely impractical and have an 8 cylinder engine and leather interior. I'm actually leaning more toward the Echo these days. The RAV4 is more car than I need unless I win one.

Anywho, I'm farther down the road to Procrastinus than I intended. I'll try and keep writing and maybe remember to write about those things that pop in my head and I want to write about, but then forget when I actually go to write about them.

Until later,

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