Thursday, February 23, 2006

Continuations and enemy in the Bushes


I think I've run out of steam on talking about storm water management. I promise to update you if something neat comes my way. I did want to link to this story (STORY) in the star about the fate of several high level people who have spoken out against President Bush and his ill fated war on Iraq. It sounds like the days when having communist view could get you into all sorts of trouble. It seems that certain circles have made the assumption that only people connected with terrorism would speak out against the war. It is a good article with some eye opening facts.

In completely different news, I have learned that modelling is much harder work that it appears. I was helping Gabe work on his portfolio last night and was exhausted by the end just from smiling and having lights shone at me and flashed and trying to sit still. It was fun, and a pity for Gabe that he ended up having to use me as a subject, since I have a tendency towards blinking and having incredibly stupid expressions on my face (the harder I try to smile the worse I do) But it looks from the digital shots that a few worked out at least and he only needs one or two. I'm glad I'm in Engineering -

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