Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Spastic Blog

It appears that my blog is on Blogger's bad server and as a result my blog has only been intermittantly available the last few days and prone to errors during posting. So, I'm posting again in the hopes of fixing the current errors on the page. The most recent errors occured when I cancelled the spell checker and picasa crashed halfway through posting as a result my sidebars are missing - although by the time you read this, they will hopefully have reappartated like Azi's legs.

After ranting about discourteousness, I thought I'd put some happy thoughts in.

The first is a quote:

"May you spend the best of your days nuturing beauty and peace in the garden of your soul."

You'll note the cute little car in the upper left corner. Its the sweet and snazzy toyota echo - replacement dream car. Although, I have to admit that I'm not impressed with some of Toyota's recent deciscions like increasing the size of the RAV4 by 21%. The best thing about the RAV4 was that it was made to have a canoe on top and get to Opeongo, but it wasn't a big monster SUV and got gas mileage similar to a sedan and better than some. The other thing they did was to drop the echo for the Yaris in 2006. Although the name is slowly growing on me, I'm really in love with the Echo and I think the name is brilliant.

Lastly, it is 15 days until Iron Ring and just over a month until I finish exams. I've managed to get in touch with James and Trudi and Tricia. Man do I have a lot of packing to do.

At any rate, fare well to thee all, I'll try to keep up my writing and picture posting. I have a few pictures that I took this summer at Martin's Head that I'd like to post, although they are on my msn space - I've pretty much abandoned it for this one.

Be well and find some time for soul gardening.



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