Saturday, March 25, 2006

mmmmm... Caffiene and Boo Urns to Vandels.

Ah - In front of me, besides a mess of rulers, pencils, calculators (I have 6 but only 3 on my desk) is a tall glass of diet cola and half an extra large Tim Horton's coffee. Sorry G - I have to admit that I actually hate Tim Horton's Coffee. I'm sure it tastes great with milk or cream and sugar, but black it tastes like something I'd use to discourage ants from coming into my kitchen. I hear they have expresso now. I've never had expresso, but somehow it doesn't appeal to me.

Other news. . . I found this news group run by Robin Hobb. Its awesome!!! You can get to it from her web site by clicking on the contact button.

As to the vandels. Apparently last night several individuals went on a rampage in Fredericton. It was describe as "no mailbox left standing, garbage everywhere and a fridge in the middle of the road. Now I have to admit that vandalism really irks me. If you want to make it so other people can't use something, at least steal it. Wrecking it doesn't benefit anyone. Not that I'm advocating theft - it too is a form of anti social behaviour, but at least I can see why someone might want to steal something - there's motive. Vandelism on the other hand. . .what do vandels get out of it? A feeling of satisfaction that they've been wreckless (prehaps an ironic term in this context) or destructive? Besides, it automatically gets blamed on university students (especially given the neighbourhood of this incident) and it makes the rest of us look bad. So, boo urns to the vandels, may the police catch them and put something on their record.


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