Monday, March 27, 2006

Final Fundy Foto

Here is the last picture that I'll post of Fundy for tonight. It was taken in Sept. 26th, 2005 - on Gabe and I's 1 year anniversary.

The next (as you scroll down) 5 posts are a series of pictures of Fundy National Park and Alma in different seasons and places. This is a special place for me, as it is the first place I went camping in New Brunswick. I visited Alma several times last summer - as Gabe was working in the Fundy General Store. There was a great 14 km looping hike that I did several times. The trail has some steep (worthy of Algonquin) hills and breath-taking views of the ocean and shoreline. It has a delightfully variety of ecosystems from beaver ponds to rocky red spruce woods to mixed woods to shoreline to bare rock to rocky beaches. . . Well, you get the point, there isn't much you can't see there short of mountains. Caribou plains - an easy trail - is my favourite and therefore of course includes several boardwalks traversing swamps and bogs and marshes and fens. I've neglected to include a picture form there at this point, but I'm sure I'll come accross one in the future.

I hope you've enjoy or will enjoy as you scroll down - this rapid Fundy Tour. For some truely spectactular photos of this area you should check out Brian Townsends website (see the LYNX).

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