Sunday, April 09, 2006

The trials of a packrat

I have reached the point where I must sort through 5 years of odds and ends and papers and decide what to keep (and drag halfway accross the country), what to give away and what to simply throw out. I started with old notes, thinking that they'd be an easy toss -seeing as they're messy and unindexed - but even then - I felt like I was throwing knowledge away. (I can see my mom itching to write a comment now)

Sigh - even kitchen stuff - is it worth moving? Most of the pots were between $10-$20 (not Paderno or anything), but add them up and they turn into $100 pretty quick. We'll see. I'll be a process and a growing experience, but I'll survive it. Really it is just a warm up for doing the same thing to 5 years of biology notes and other papers from Lakehead when I get back home. Between teaching and Girl Guides I've learned to save things, because as soon as you throw them out you wish you hadn't.

So, off I go into the sunset or lunch anyways.

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P.S. The link is to the blog of another packrat - but the artical made me chuckle so I've attached it for your reading pleasure.


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