Sunday, April 09, 2006

Packrat's Update

Well, I've been at it all day and I've gone through 3 boxes of papers and most of the stuff on my bookshelves. I've managed to chuck about 1/3 of it. Analyzing the procress, it is interesting to note that being stapled saved a lot of things and having feedback saved others I could probably go back and get rid of another 1/3 - I somehow doubt I'll ever look at my first year calculus notes or even the handouts from Mechanics of materials. I kept most of my assignments and exams, but through out most of my course notes. I kept a lot of print outs of articles that I probably could have gotten rid of, but it seems a waste to get rid of an article. I haven't even gotten to the 100's of pages from last summer. Those at least I may need to look at again. Dr. Wilson's notes fared pretty well. I justified keeping my calculus notes because I might just be teaching calculus come september and my computer science notes because Gabe is really interested in programming.

In my defense - about 1/3 of it is on a shelf/box that warrents a second going through. I'm hoping that if I keep on repeating the process I'll eventually get rid of some of it. I'll say "Geez, I'm never going to look at my geology lab manual from first year or I really hated that course - and don't even want to look at my exam again" So I guess I'd better keep at it while I still have momentum or go for a bike ride while its still a beautiful day.


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Blogger Library Gal said...

Hi there!
This is Nancy, friend of your ex-roommate. Oddly enough, someone visited my MSN Space by googling Fredericton and your blog was listed beside mine! What a small world! Anyways, I'm still available to pick up whatever it was Shannon needed (bedposts?), or, she'll be in Fredericton this Friday for the Easter weekend. Let me know what you'd prefer at nance99 (hotmail).

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