Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stormwater Pond


Here is a shot of a local stormwater pond at dusk. I'm not sure if the big pile of silt is a design feature or a hint that erosion may be an issue. Perhaps it is most indicative about the local construction boom.

Here is the Haiku of the day:

Half moon silt in pond
Seeks new home downhill from old -
mysterious cause

Stormwater races
Off hard impermeable
Surfaces - recharge?

Porous pavement can
Reduce peak volume - keeping
Outfall streams healthy

See... they are so much fun to write... contest rules - I look forward to your entries :D

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Blogger Kiwi blogger said...

Great Blog Jennith , Like those images , very Canadian.
I've spent a little bit of time in Canada over the last couple of years. It is a beautiful country with fantastically vast landscapes and nicely under populated.
Thanks for what you said about my picture blog. I didn’t see pets in your interest list but you might like the blog my cat keeps she’s much wittier than me .

12:28 AM  

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