Monday, April 24, 2006

Going, going, gone

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the wait on the announcement of the winner of the Haiku contest - I have to check on a possible error before posting the winning entry - But the Winner is:

*imaginary drum roll*

Amanda M from Thunder Bay who is also moving this week.

I'll post her entry as soon as possible. As I said they were all excellent, some were funny, some gave useful advice and other were just poetic. Erin was the runner up - but she has an unfair advantange because we think too much alike. I liked the imagry in Amanda's poem. She painted this great picture - I could see the dog and the mud and the river. I miss Thunder Bay.

So, we're really leaving on Thurday and everything you see in that picture as well as this computer will have to fit in a car. There was a great picture of this computer - I'm sitting cross legged on the floor and the moniter is sitting on a milk crate - as my desk was sold yesterday. We don't have much left, we were pretty lucky with selling stuff. So I just have to write one more exam - and we need to finish packing and cleaning and we are out of here on Thursday.

We went to a movie last night - our first this year - just to unwind a bit. We had intended to see the New Ice Age movie, but it started before we had a chance to leave. Instead we went to "Lucky Number Slevin" We really really actually enjoyed it, considering that we didn't expect much of it except tht I've never seen Morgan Freeman do anything bad yet.

I'm not sure who I'd recommend it to. I think Pat, Geoff and Andrew would like it for sure and possibly Margo. The directing was outstanding - from the sets to the camera work to the acting to the level of detail - everything was brillianty executed.

here is a link to the trailer.


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Blogger Unknown said...

I may have recomended it, I saw it the week before I came up, it was fun. I'm also looking forward to Snakes on a Plane.

You see... its this movie, about a plane.... with snakes on it...

With pithy Samual Jackson lines like: "There are ***** **** snakes on the **** **** **!@!@#** plane."

I loosly approximate :)

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