Friday, May 05, 2006

A View to the Future

I had a wonderful walk with Kaylee today around Lake Wabakyne. I kept wishing that I had my camera so that I could take pictures of all the beautiful swales and storm water management infrastructure in our subdivision. I'm thinking I'll take some pics next time and put a CD together for Dr. Wilson.

Sigh, engineering does strange things to your brain. I'm never going to look at a lot of things without seeing them differently. I don't think I fully registered that Lake Wabakayne was a storm water pond until this year. I knew at some level, but it never really seemed important.

There were tonnes of kids on bikes by the lake, racing each other and generally being kids. Made me think about community and what my real non-career related goals were. The kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind with my life. In the middle of this musing, I noticed some of the kids had their bike upside down and were clearly frustrated. So, I helped them get their chain unjammed. They were really appreciative and polite. I remember some adult doing the same thing for me 20 odd years ago probably not too far from there.

Walking your dog seems to make you among trustworthy strangers. People said hi to me and were far more friendly than they would have been, had I been by myself. I"m sure some of this is simply Kaylee's charming manners, but I guess peopel figure that if you are doing something as normal as caring for a family pet you probably aren't packing heat or out to kill anyone. Maybe it depends on how you interact with your pet. If an animal trusts you, and you treat it well. People might pick up on this and take the dog's character reference at face value. Who knows? The long and the short of it is that I feel very strongly about wanting to be involved in my community. I want to volunteer to make it a better place. I also am glad that inspite of being in the city, people still talk to strangers, even if you need a pet to vouch for your harmlessness.

There you go, thought for the day.

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P.S. The picture was taken May 1st, 2006 on Rattlesnake Point. Posted by Picasa


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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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