Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tree Planting and Other Accomplishments


The picture above contains several trees that I actually planted. I found the call for volunteers on the Credit Valley Conservation Authority website and it was nearby. So, I was up early and out to Erindale park this morning. For the avid gardeners among you, I wouldn't recomend the soil, being a mix of clay and stones - but the people were neat.

We even got filmed and interviewed by Environment Canada. I guess the neatest part is knowing that there are a couple of trees that I helped put in the ground in my own community.

The neatest people I met had dropped in on a visit from up north. I ended up picnicing with them after the plant, and maybe even made some friends. There were mostly poplar trees, but a few white spruce and white pine too.

The other accomplishment is that I graduated (or at least made the official May 2006 graduation list) today with First Class Standing or First Division as UNB obscurely labelled graduating with honours.

Sad thoughts, Sleeman's is appartently up for sale to a big company. This makes me sad to think that all the big Canadian Beer Companies are no longer wholely Canadian - but then again, neither is Tim Horton's or Hockey these days.

Gabe is doing well with his projects. I think he is actually ahead of where he expected to be in spite of the bugs and the heat.

Hmm, my current project is to continue unpacking and sorting. Sigh. Explains why I'm blogging.

Better get back to work for now.

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