Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Victoria Day Fireworks

Well, hours ago in the small park near my house - local neighbours put together an impressive show of fireworks. Although, it was almost cooler to see how they drew the neighbours together - gathering in the small park.

There were a few moments when the fireworks display raised eyebrows. One firework - a dragon something - tipped over and shot roman candle-like projectiles scittering across the grass and road. A second firework misfired and blew up near ground level showering the crowd with sparks. Otherwise, kids and adults alike enjoyed the display and strangers gathered at the edge of the crowd. I was surprised by the number of displays nearby - at least 5 including the one in front of me were within visual range and probably more with in hearing range, but echoes made it hard to tell where.

:D Enjoy the pics. The fireworks setting on my camera has a long exposure time and doesn't actaully do a great job of shooting fireworks. Its hard to hold your hands still especially when it is so cold. So, sometimes you can see what looks like a firework, but is really a nearby lamp post.

I never managed to see Jason this week... which is too bad, since he may be gone for some time. However, having been in his situation many times, I can understand how hard it is to pack everyone into your few days of holiday.


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