Friday, July 07, 2006

Floating Photography

Here Gabe fiddles with his camera preparing to get the perfect shot of that moose in the background. Note the fashionable Ontario Parks Bucket Hat (purchased at rain lake several years ago when Doe Lake banned baseball hats for staff) and the bright orange life jacket. Bell Lake's far end is a bit on the marshy side, and the place you pull your boat out isn't far from here. The pull out is kind of mucky though.

A few other thoughts:

First, an article about healthy eating advocating healthy sources of fat - I thought I'd link to it, because there were some interesting facts included. The gist: fat from fruits and seeds and nuts are healthier than those in meat and french fries. They often contain other chemical that help your body to process fats better as well.

Second, an article in the Toronto Star about the impact that massive immigration could have/is having on major cities in Canada. It advocates reducing our numbers of immigrants while funding programs to help immigrants get jobs and avoid poverty. Its a bit doom and gloom for me, but it certainly suggested some valid actions for improving the lot of immigrants while beniffitting all Canadians who live in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


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