Monday, July 17, 2006

Petroglyph Turtle

I can add Petroglyphs Provincial Park to my list of provincial parks visited this summer. This turtle was slowly making his way across the road so we had to stop and take pictures until he was out of the way of the 4 turtle mashers on my car.

I figure he was one of the inspirations for the artists chiseling 3 in deep carvings into marble 600-1100 years ago. Gabe kept imaging what it was like hiking through untamed woods filled with poison ivy in 30 degree weather and then chiping away at rocks. (It was 35 degrees there yesterday and wicked humid too.)

There are quite a few parks that I'd like to see, however many of them are quite far away. Kawartha highlands isn't open for business yet, but it looks exciting.


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Blogger Ryan said...

"Kawartha highlands isn't open for business yet, but it looks exciting."

The back property line of our cottage is actually the border of that park - it's a beautiful area. Although I have to admit we were glad to be kept on the outside of the boundry as there's no larger motor boats allowed in the park - which would have killed wakeboardding :/

Our only concern now is traffic on our private roads - hopefully people get the point that there's no access to the park that way.

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