Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog Status Update

As you can see, my blog is back to posting and the pictures seem to be staying sight. I am slowly working through my old posts and updating the photo links to the new server. This is why my cluster map has such a great variety of international hits. Once I'm done updating the old posts, I'm sure my international hits will drop off and my Canadian hits will increase. I have relinked August, July, June, November and December so far, although there are several missing files for May and June that are simply not on the server yet. I'll let everyone know when everything is back in order. A big thank you to GEOFF for all of his help getting me moved to the new server and all my bugs sorted out. I'm starting to get HTML, and I hope to learn more of it as I go - so maybe some neat stuff will happen to my blog. In the mean time, I'll just have to figure out pivot tables and nested conditional statements for excel.




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