Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Last Days Of August

As always, it amazes me how quickly the days pass and all of the sudden the summer is near over and school is officially started. The picture was taken on one of the first of our family's traditional summer camping trips (this one to Killarny). I love this fiery maple clinging to the rock crevices blazing while everyone else is still green. (Although this likely doesn't bode well for the tree's health, it did make a nice photo.) This year's trip is to Algonquin with the primary goal of taking Gabe to a wolf howl. They don't always work out, but knock on wood, hopefully this year is a good one for the wolves and us.

The excitement of this week includes the purchase of the first season of Due South - the best Canadian TV show ever. I can't wait to make my family watch it - giving me an excuse to watch it again.

In other exciting news. . . I'm getting ready for my field work season - I suspect that the next few weeks are going to be crazy. I'm currently reading up on methods to assess the effect of woody debris on the channel roughness and flow properties. Its been an interesting topic, but leaves me worried about the existing base of knowledge. But, from an ecology point of view, it is cool stuff.

Solitary tree -
Cool fire on burning rock
Harbringer of fall

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