Friday, September 22, 2006

Greetings and salutations,

Here is a short update on my life. School is going well. I'm enjoying both the courses I'm taking and the one that I am TAing for. The commute is a little brutal, but it is nice that I at least get to spend time with family (my sister and law) on the way back and forth, and the carpooling makes it affordable. I still haven't gotten as much use out of my Halton Conservation Areas pass as I'd like, (having only used it twice in the last 4 months) But every day I drive pass Kelso and the escarpment and wish I had time to stop and hike it. Gabe and I are both recovering from various colds and strep throat (I hate strep throat!). I do have to atest to the efficy of honey-lemon tea since I can't start the anti biotics until my swab produces a healthy colony of strep bacteria.

I'm trying out for the U of G Emergency First Response team. I'm not sure if this is proof that I'm crazy or absolute genius. I'm thinking that it'll give me a night a week that I can work late when the office area is uber quiet and I can escape 2 hours of commuting. We'll see how it works out. I may not make the team, I'm pretty rusty. At the very least I'll get Medical EFR certification free (for giving up two weekends and not being a complete moron) which will save me $75 in June since I won't have to recert and be a bit of a boost to my resume which tells a story of excellent past certifications that I've let lapse.

Alright, back to the grindstone. I hope I get a chance to hike soon.

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