Saturday, September 16, 2006

Moost Mooshy

Hello All,

I've been neglecting this website lately, but hopefully things will get a little less wild soon. Famous last words I'm sure. Sometimes I wish I could be as relaxed as this moose chomping on weeds in West Rose Pond, Algonquin park.

The next 2 weekends I have dedicated to first response tryouts and the following weekend I am hoping to take advantage of the long weekend. I do hope that I can find some time today to go for a hike on the escarpment.

I discovered the rapidly descending signs of fall when highway traffic encouraged me to take the back roads home - leading to a delightful tour of escarpment country. The leaves are really starting to turn now - it would be great for getting some nice photos.

School is going well, I'm settling in to the routine of studying and classes and writing. I taught a large group of students for the first time yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to find that university students are entirely different from grade 8's.

That said. . . I still sometimes miss Kashechewan and my students. I'm sure it would be beautiful up there right now and everyone would be excited about the goose break. I hope that things have settled down a bit now and the students are having a more normal school/life experience this year.

Anywho, back to work for me.

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