Monday, September 11, 2006


Mizzy Lake puts on an impressive show of dew spangled spider webs early in the late summer morning. You have to wonder if the spiders ever play webminton with bug carcases.

Otherwise, I'm back to taking classes (just 2 and TAing 1) and juggling all of the bits and pieces of life that must pass through the appropriate time gates.

I'm lucky. I have an office and I share it with two really neat students. I'm pretty excited about both my courses, but I think they'll both be a fair bit of work.

I thought of my roomate Shannon when I got my LL Bean Catalouge. Its weird how much things make me miss Fredericton. I met a former employee of UNBSJ while walking back from getting my parking pass. We laughed that only 2 former maritimers would have randomly struck up a conversation - so it wasn't freaky coincidence that we both left new Brunswick from UNB recently.

Otherwise, the next few weeks look busy between work/school and trying out for the EFRT at Guelph. I'm not sure if I'm entirely crazy or not, but I figure it is work getting the recert and more exciting that the upcoming WHIMIS training I have in store for me.

So, that's my life this week. More Algonquin pics to come.

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