Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bear's Head Fungus

Well, it was a dark and rainy day when my plans to do field were scuttled and I decided to work from home. This is actually not a bad thing, save that I'd really like to get my field work done before it starts snowing. I'm currently transferring files between computers while simultaneously working on an award application and a watershed design assignment. I've been blogging from my new computer, so I've only had recent photos to draw from lately - and blogger seems inclined to upload 80% of the minitures. Again... if you double click on these you'll see the whole page.

I had a surprising flurry of comments yesterday - especially since I haven't posted since Friday. Thanks for you thoughts, compliments and greetings. Its always nice to get comments because its a concrete proof that someone is actually reading all the nonsense that you write or at least checking out the pictures.

Gabe seems to be excelling in his photography course. At least he's having fun. It looks more exciting that reading journal article at any rate.

Everyone else is hanging in. I'm hoping that my Uncle Stevie feels better soon.

Lets see if I can post the rest of my story with appropriate pictures.

See the blog above for a continuation.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog hopping.
Lovely angles. Neat Pics.

9:52 AM  

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