Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taking the back roads

"Taking the back roads" is the theme for my life lately. I guess that could be interpreted as taking the slower, scenic route. This applies on a grand scale to my long and convuluted education, but on a smaller scale to my recent short trips and general driving preferences. I actually consider it a real treat to be able to drive on the backroads, rather than the faster highway - when possible.

Today, I decided was too pretty to save myself 15 minutes by taking the 401 - so I took a slew of random sideroads, lines and avenues through the remaining rural bits of Ontario. It was nice - from sun to light snow, falling to fallen leaves and a few tamaracks turned yellow...

The picture.. has nothing to do with backroads.. its the speed river in downtown Guelph...taken from atop the dam.

All in all... I guess I'd better get back to work.. but I hope all of you take the time to "take the backroads" savouring the quieter parts of the countryside and enjoying the nooks and treats hidden in the best kept secretes nearby. Still, I seem to be too busy most of the time to actually live my life...this being a long term bad habit.

One day...

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