Monday, October 30, 2006

Twas the night before Halloween


This is still really me testing to see if blogger has got its act together. This picture is a repost from yesterday.

Today is a reading like crazy day. I'm not sure I'm actually doing anything for Halloween - except homework. I have a huge project due Thursday.

Its actually a beautiful day out... sunny and clear. Although I'm still feeling groggy from last night sleeping in BaseOp. I'm a bit spoiled at home to have a decent bed, although it might be the rookie is my radio going off jitters too. I remember back at LU I slept my first night with my jacket, radio, keys, glasses and shoes on. Truth is that I continued sleeping with shoes and keels on for the first few years...and then I broke down and took off my shoes (and they were hiking boots in fact) because they made my feet fall asleep which woke me up. Guelph is a big and confusing campus compared to LU. Not living here doesn't help either. I'd probably know residence better if I lived here and would spend more time just wandering around.

Anywho... must read... hopefully blogger will recover soon and I'll ahve time to write something usefull and interesting - like the mini essays I planned originally.


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