Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can't beat a good view or bad spelling

Well, I've been working on transferring the rest of m y photographs from my old computer to this one - just for those times when I've run out of recent pictures and have to go digging through my stock. I may have even posted this one before - but its a place that I've am looking forward to visiting so yeah for a nice view - hopefully I'll end up with a full card of nice pictures to post here. If it would ever stop raining here I might get some from close by... but alas.. it keeps a raining.

As for the bad spelling, I have to admit that I often check my site stats to see where my readers are coming from... most of the time it is a direct hit, and I can't tell anything, sometimes its from a search engine - which is usually fun to try and figure out what search words end up at my site and in a few rare cases I can guess if so and so who is linked to my blog has come to visit me from theirs. Today, I followed the link to a search engine source, only to find that someone had ended up on my blog because neither of use could spell "priminister" correctly... my apologies for my spelling, but how embarassing is that. Hopefully, they found what they wanted. All I had was a picture of statue of a prime minister, seagull on head, and seagull excrement from head to mid chest. Probably not exactly what they were hoping to find.


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