Thursday, November 02, 2006

Credit River Outfall

Well I assume it is a stormwater outfall... I'll have to ask what the shape of it means in Watershed Systems Design.

Here is today's Haiku...

Ground-hardening frost
Sets chill tone under slate sky
Hue-leeched view forwarns

I wish I had a view from my window to post - the window is a bit hazy itself, but the view is heavy and grim indeed inspite of the red siding building in view.

Hopefully there will be a bit more sunlight - I guess those Thunder Bay folks are lucky (being in the Sunshine Capital of Ontario) and the folks in Burke's Falls are even grimmer than us - living in the rain capital of Ontario.

The municipal election is coming up, and I still haven't found much on any of the candidates. Its a shame - in terms of your day to day life, municipal politicians probably have more effect on you than federal in some ways and yet they aren't exciting to elect. I'm sure there is a web page somewhere I can find all this information on... wait let me link it. Here is an official list of candidates and voting instructions. And here are some write ups on local candidates.

Alright... back to writing reports for me.

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