Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ah my… has it been a day or what. I’ve been compiling climate data 1 year at a time for 61 years (well, actually it took me about 2 hours – to get all 61 years together, and cleaned up and sorted out). So much for my plans of success and draft completion – ha… so much for my night of sleep.

I did take about 2 hours off to visit my sister n laws for halloweening – she did some pretty cool pumpkins – see Air In’s and/or Geoffs links on the side. It was weird. I remember leaving and covering as much subdivision as was physically possible before people blew out there pumpkins. No stunning costumes – I mostly saw young teens in black clothes by the time I drove home. I really like Halloween, hopefully next year I can do something exciting, rather than feel guilty about homework… and on that note…

Here I go back to work.



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