Friday, November 10, 2006

Doe!! Another sunrise and more Kashechewan Stuff

Well I thought I'd throw in some more Kashechewan links from the Globe and Mail.

1. Last October
2. Ottawa's Soln: Move to Timmins
3. Critics fear for remote reserves
4. Running for the Shadows of Dispair

The last article is pretty depressing, but not completely off the mark - alcoholism and unemployement are serious problems in Kash. I do understand that the Federal Government is giving them the choice. My concern is that they haven't put all the choices out there - and while time is of the essense in terms of overcrowding and the post-flood conditions in Kashechewan - I think somehow, something is missing in terms of solutions. And the journalist didn't capture the sense of community and attachment to the land that the people had - she missed that essence of community that always impressed me in Kashechewan, even though I was an outsider. Kids do watch TV and play video games there - but they also play outside, they have a quality that city kids lack - even if I can't put a name to it. As tough as it was for me, as a green first year teacher in a tough situation, I've often considered going back and I still think fondly of my students - they were the only class I ever have - They certainly made me crazy some days, but I never found them hard to like and I respected their knowledge of the outdoors. They had great senses of humour and living in that community was truely important to them. Sometimes a family would move to the south, for a job or for the opportunity to get better schooling - but they came back because they missed their community, their home, their land and their friends and family. I'm not sure a stranger can get a sense of that easily - but I believe its value is beyond measure.

I hope that the people can find their strength and make a choice that works for them and preserves the best parts of their community while allowing them to remove the cancerous aspects of drinking, abuse and disease that is keeping them from happiness.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should write all that stuff in an editorial and send it in to the papers. I think it is a fair assessment :)
It'd be good!

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