Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Bloggaversary to Me

I was just checking in my Archieves today to see when I wrote my first post and it turns out that today is my bloggaversary (at least for this blog). In actual fact, my msn space is older and still sort of being used.

I'm also approaching another milestone - the 5000 hit mark which I expect to make in Early December. Of course, the counter isn't quite accurate, as it missed the hits predating its installation and I think it was also accidently reset at some point. Oh yeah, and probably half of those hits are me, checking, fixing or using my links, rather than real hits. Still, a mile stone is a milestone and I thank all of you who actually read my blog regularly (and random drop ins) for helping me get there. As I write this, I must admit my current frustration with blogger as I don't appear to be able to post pictures. Click on the boxes and you usually get the big size picture..but it is a bit of a drag.

Sigh - I'll celebrate anyways and hope that they get it working sometime today.


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