Friday, November 17, 2006

Beautiful Rivers

So it is Friday again (thank goodness), although I forsee the weekend being packed with work of one type and another. The second half of my big term project is looming - I need to design a weir or dam to create a resevoir and fix up some bits I missed in the original report.

The mightly, little main restigoche river is undeniably one of my personal favourites (and I don't even have a clue how to fly fish.) Its a salmon river, although most of the Salmon i saw were small enough to fit in the palm of hand. I did see some pretty impressive fish that summer.

Its still raining here. It didn't seem much rainier than its been all fall, but apparently Toronto had record rainfall and certainly many of the small creeks I saw today were flowing full to flooded. I wonder what the return period of this storm system is (I thought I heard 1 in 5 year). Meanwhile, Southern BC is taking a beating from storms and rain. I hope they get a bit of sunshine to let them dry out. Flooding is scary - I can't imagine having my house flooded and everything ruined :(.

On that not, I'm going back to work. I have an idea what my dam should look like but I need some prelim values for soil stability and flow rate. I get to play with HEC RAS (cool program - see the link on the side.) I've been continuing to add to my links. If anyone would like me to add their page, drop me a line and I'll link you up.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

restigoche - is that out east? I'd fly fish anyday! :) haha. Maybe next summer ;)
BC has no rain all summer (Tofino i think closed because there was no water!) and now they have more than they know what to do with?! Oooh, what's up with this world!?! :)
Have a good night!

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