Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Northern Ontario

I could live up here in the land of blue lakes and rocky shores. (Land of the Silver Birches Lyrics apply in their entirity to me) Especially if one of the best people I know in the north is still there whenever I get a chance to make a decision about where to live next.

Today was a day of necessary, but unexciting tasks. I rust proofed my car and got a flu shot. I'm muchly happy with the municipal (and recent American - as well) election results. Mayor Hazel McCallion took her 11th term as the mayor of Mississauga with 90+% of the votes. I was telling my office-mate about how lucky we were in Mississauga and he was duly impressed by our loyalty, love and luck to have a mayor that sucessful in our town. Given its rate of growth, size and demographic that there aren't more complaints about Mississauga than there are (mainly with respect to transit) Says and awful lot about Mayor McCallion. I don't know what we'll do when she's not able to be our mayor anymore. It'll most certainly be the end of an enviable era. I propose we build a pyramid in her honour to house her remains, so that we can continue to consult her beyond the grave if necessary and pay our respects. Sillyness aside...here is the link for Mississauga election results and an article on Mayor McCallion.

Oh and here is a random happy story to make everyone feel good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya, Cool picture!

I remember that day, it was so sunny and cold, and lovely.


12:56 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

I think that cold is an under statement (as I sit inside with toque and scarf on, 2 pairs of socks, long underwear shirt, long sleeved shirt and a sweat shirt from nunavut.. i'm pulling out the longjohn's next

See you soon hopefully,


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people may feel everything is fine under Hazel McCallion. The same people are probably fine under any mayor since they have had no objective situation to evaluate a mayor, and may continue the same way into future.

In an era of elected incompetent politicians that has led to an economic depression, many of us are looking at actual performances. The sooner the public becomes aware of a Mississauga government that is openly engaged in destructivity such as the violation of its own laws the faster we are in a position to change the corruptions that prevent all constructive activities and are threatening our safety and security.

The following is An Actual Case of the Law Breaking Government of Mississauga From Referendum Issues at Mississauga Blogs http://blogs.mississauga.com/blogs/happy-investigator/2009/02/03/referendem-issues

Most recently I called the Mississauga By-law Enforcement to enforce the Property Standard By-law 654-98 Section 23(3) because a bunch of heavy railway ties are piled against my fence on its other side. According to this by-law:

Fences shall not be used as a support for any structure, object or thing, that is capable of or is causing force to be exerted against or upon the fence.

The first by-law officer took several weeks with each polite and courteous email of mine she either did not answer or emailed an abrupt and unfriendly note saying she is "working on it", finally she said it is not easy to prove that a force is exerted on you fence. I wrote back that as a former science teacher I can help in scientifically determining and proving the amount of the force on my fence. She went into another long period of silence. Meanwhile, I had to replace my fence posts due to damages from the prolonged leaning forces. Only to see that railway ties are piled up against my newly repaired fence again. One day, a by-law supervisor showed up at my door to follow-up on the complaint. I showed the fence site and he went into a straight denial of saying the railway ties do not touch your fence. This was the strangest statement that I could have heard because there were big railway ties touching my fence in multiple visible points of contact while it is denied by a Mississauga By-law Officer and Supervisor, right in front of my eyes! I offered to present expert witnesses to convince him about this simple objective observation. He then said "railway ties do not exert a force on your fence" I offered to use scientific instruments to show that they do exert forces. He went on by saying they are not leaning on your fence. I pointed out to the visible points of contact and other points of not so visible contact and the science of leaning and forces. The by-law supervisor left in an apparent state of malicious denial and falsification of visibly verifiable physical facts. I summarised my request in another email to him and his manager. Nothing happened. Meanwhile the people who had piled-up the railway ties against my fence had them moved back by a distance of 1-2 inches from my fence. I was very uneasy, sought more explanation from the City, knowing the railway ties are on a ground sloped toward my fence and it is only a matter of rain and wind to slide them back against my fence. Soon, we got one of those gusty, windy and rainy nights. Next morning, the railway ties were again in clear visible contact and leaning against my fence. The city responded in a denial email that is contrary to all the physical facts to this date. So far, no by-law is enforced. A lot of deceptive acts were committed in justifying not to enforce a by-law by the city of Mississauga. This has resulted in a violation of the same by-law by the city, as well as the violation of several provisions of the Criminal Codes, and other laws. Councillor Sato was also fully informed of all this. Photos and witnesses are available to substantiate the above violations. If any city by-law officer and supervisor can falsify an investigation, like this, no member of the public is currently safe.

10:17 AM  

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