Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hiking in Ontario: The Bruce Trail

Here is the other picture that I tried to post this morning, but got eaten by blogger.

I took about half of the pictures just outside of Rattlesnake Park in Halton. I also took a few on the bluffs. I did miss getting a picture of the raptor (buff and white - didn't get a great look at it - maybe a hawk or an eagle - pretty big at any rate) that flew away as I turned around from taking some close ups near the ground.

I also had some problems with settings that caused me to screw up a decent shot of a chipmunk on a mossy log. But I did get quite a few pretty pictures of the escarpment and frost edged vegetation. I don't think I realized how dominant Red Oak are up there.

I ran into some neat people (older folks - possibly retired - hard to tell, they didn't look too old) who meet and go hiking 3 times a week in Southern Ontario. We had a nice chat and he recomended a few places to try out. I told him about Awenda. I do still have a long way before I make my pass worthwhile. Hopefully, I'll have a few more weekends that I can get away with hiking or cross country skiing.


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