Monday, November 27, 2006

Liberal Leadership Race: Who will turn over the frosted leaf?

The news has been somewhat quieter than I would have thought on the leadership race of late, however, with the convention coming up this weekend, hopefully there will be more articles.

I've linked to the following Toronto Star article - since it agrees with my "anyone but ignatieff" stance. Although, it fails to mention Martha Hall Findley at all, who I think I would actually like to see do well. Rae - I've always liked him. I think he's smart and honest and level headed enough to beat Harper out in the next round. Dion (assuming that Hall-Findley really hasn't a chance at all) would easily be my second choice. Ignatieff doesn't seem like a good choice to differentiate the Liberal party from Harper's conservatives - he's too pro-war. There is a difference between supporting the efforts of our own military and supporting Bush's mishap and misinformed war policies.

A good read at any rate.

Off to FRT!!

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