Tuesday, January 09, 2007


All right, another speed post in the moments of insanity between the lines of sanity on the pages of obscuritus internetus blogiae.

I've added a few new links - mostly to author's webpages - look left. I'd recomend Diana Gabaldon's in particular as she has a quirky sense of humour. On that topic, I read her Outlander series on the advice of my cousin "Liz" starting at girl guide camp - so the book, which has a few smutty moments got passed around among the senior staff. (Truth be told compare to a lot of books its fairly tame - if you want something a bit more riske - may I recomend any of the excellent books by Jacqueline Carey.) I also finally got my brother, his wife and my boyfriend reading the series. It might not be the deepest series I ever read, but boy is it fun. :D Her next book - well, eventually - but not coming soon.

Robin Hobb on the other hand is busily finishing the last book of her Soldier's Son Trilogy - It'll be a while before its out, but still exciting. Jacqueline Carey, the same as above, has a book scheduled to come out in June (YEAH! maybe by then I'll have time to read). Robert Jorden has been very ill - and may never finish his series, but the lastest news is good and it appears he is on the mend. Even David Usher is finishing his new album with the first single out soon and an upcoming tour. I guess I'd better get all my work done cause I have a ton to read - starting with Terie Garrison's Autumnquest. As for George R. R. Martin - he's also a bit behind on his next book and worrisomely old. Terry Goodkind also had dramatic health issues - appearantly resolved with good results - but no news on the last Wizard book.


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Hey Jenn.. thanks for stopping by my blog!... honestly don't remember you exactly, but for some reason looking at the names of your fellow bloggers, I have a feeling you were in the Emma Griffiths crew!

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