Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If Jesus had a family.....

I was surprised that this opinions column in the star was as civil as it was - it seemed to invite rancid invective from both sides.... I have to admit that seeing how I view family and community as the 2 most valuable functions of religion - the idea that Jesus might have had a family (meaning wife and kids) seems completely unoffensive - appealing even. Who better to be our role model in the most important job most of us ever take on - that of spouses and parents......

Its odd - that history (however distorted it has become in 8000 years) is such an awkward thing for religions that have already written and interpreted their books at a time when not all the information was avaible. Change should not be threatening. If Jesus is to be viewed as a historical person - then the church should seek as much information about his life as possible - not sweep potential stories under the rug. They should be doing the research and making the documentaries to revive interest and faith in their religion. That said, I admit that I am highly skeptical of this information anyways... there is just too much motive to make something up on flimsy evidence. I was not aware that any of Jesus's uncontaminated DNA was kicking around. It would difficult for them to establish and verify this information in a way that was believable. So probably, it is just someone from the same time period who could possibly be Jesus, but then it could possibly be anyone.

On that note, my appologies for neglecting my blog... Its been a busy week all and all.

Hopefully, I'll have a bit more time to work on this now.


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