Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The mayapples were flowering at Mount Nemo last weekend. The flower drooping from the crotch between the stalks of 2 large, umbrellalike leaves. I had a hard time getting a clear photo owing to the overhead shade now that the forest has leafed out. The forest seemed entirely changed from 2 weeks previous. Aside from different wildflowers, and the shade - there was a profuse growth of my favourite (not) plant - Poison Ivy. Thus I ended up walking a ways with a gentleman and his lab/shepard cross - so that I could show him what it looked like. It was cool... he was also a UNBF grad and had been a professor at Waterloo. We had a nice chat about pretty places in New Brunswick and why Fredericton was such at great place to live and the founders of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest. Sometimes its a small world, but I seem to have an uncanny nack for finding New Brunswickers with dogs in Ontario.
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