Monday, July 09, 2007

Soaring speedily

Here we are another day in front of the computer - typing, thinking, reading, writing..... I spend more time with my computer than I do with all the people I see put together and what do the socialogists say about this.. I'm sure they'd say its bad. Granted with the humidity outside nearly shocking - even I probably wouldn't venture outside to do more than water the plants, although it is supposed to rain again this afternoon..... I decided to work from my brothers house today. Its quiet and cool - without being freezing like school and there is a pleasant humm in the background from the fish tank.

I envy that bird though.... Right now I wish I could just do something that involved physical movement - running, walking, flying, hiking - heck even riding a stationary bike would make me less crazy than this constant sitting still. So a few sit ups and maybe a couple of bounds up and down the stairs and back to the math with me.
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