Friday, August 03, 2007

View of the past

I got suckered into a conversation about places to live in Fredericton and suddenly I realized how much I missed being able to walk anywhere and for someone who frequented it so rarely, I have a surprising amount of nostalgia for the Tannery. But more, I miss the places I used to bike and hike and shopped and hung out. I miss UNB's pretty campus and the D level enterence to Old Head Hall with its air of past glory (its all old wooden scroll work that could use a bit of refinishing - but still speaks of a once very regal entrance when it was in common use. These days its sort of an auxilliary entrence) Oh yes, I also miss the markets.

Ah well. This pic was taken for our senior project presentation in the early spring about 2 years ago. The construction in the foreground should now be a new residence building.

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