Friday, September 07, 2007

Solidago: Sunshine on a Stem

Here be the beautiful weather we experienced on the Credit at Cataract this morning.... Its amazing how much the plant life chances between July and Septemeber. The Asters were awesome. Did you know that bees match the yellow in the golden rod, its acutally quite cool.

My other shock today was to discover that St. Andrew's School in Kashechewan had burned down. Its weird... Its like an old friend died. It was the first school where I taught and I can still close my eyes and remember my classroom... I wonder what things of mine went up with the blaze... a stray artwork sample a book I left behind... certainly, I'm sad to hear its good. I knew that they weren't using it because of mould - but I guess it would be the same if any place I'd had a strong connection to burned down. Here is a link to the story: Kashechewan
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