Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Current River, Boulavard Lake and the Bluffs

Current River Spillway, Downstream from the Dam that creates Boulavard Lake

A view of the Current River, Boulavard Lake and Lake Superior from the Bluffs

Pie Island, in Lake Superior, From the Bluffs

Boulavard Lake, Centenial Park, The Bluffs and Trowbridge Falls are all parks on the Current River on the east side (Port Arthur) of Thunder Bay. The City I believe runs the first 3, while the local Lions run Trowbridge. I didn't make it to Trowbridge this day, but I've been there before and the rapids and falls are cool. I was surprised by the size and sofistication of the other 3 parks, having never been there before in the 5 years I lived in TB.
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