Monday, October 01, 2007

Sunrise over Agawa River, just upstream from the highway bridge

Saturday dawned pretty and I set out at dawn from Agawa Bay with plans to hike Orphan Lake and then head to Thunder Bay. Unfortuanately, my camera battery was dead after Friday, so I spend 3 hours freezing in the bathroom until midnight the night before waiting for it to charge. So, I was maybe a bit dunderheaded, combined with the sign posters being dunderheaded, so I missed the exit for Orphan lake and ended up hiking Trapper's trail instead (only 1.5 km) and would have been quick except most of it was under water and required serious rerouting. I then missed Nokomis due to it being not marked at all and ended up exploring the falls in Michopicton Harbour. Neat stop and their sandy dune beach recovery site
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