Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jackfish, Ontario

Many weeks ago, I promised to continue my journal on my trip in October to the ghosttown of Jackfish, Ontario. Its not easy to find the road that leads there - I actually missed it on the way up and was more than surprised that I actually managed to find it on the way back. Even once I started down the messy dirt road, I was unsure if I was in the right place. Even once I became fairly sure that it was the right road, I'm was not sure until I found the lot which matched the description in my guidebook where I should park. The road was barely a road... Kashechewan has better, but the road to Martin Head is a good deal worse. It was rutted and had deep puddles and need slow and cautious driving to avoid potential problems such as getting stuck or finding a surprise under the puddle. It was also fairly late in the afternoon by the time I arrived. Using the finger technique (and my experience of the last few days), I estimated that I had about 1 hour of good sunlight, followed by an hour of rapidly failing sunlight. If it had not been one of the few places that I really, really wanted to see I probably would have thought better of it. I was relieved to see operating trains nearby. It made the scene feel less deserted.
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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

I think I would love to go here.
When we have time we should do a road trip. I wanna go and wander, explore and play.
I also wanna do the trails at Killarney.
I'll keep you posted on jobs and stuff as things go on.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jennith,

I hope this note finds you doing well...!!!...I was just wondering if you had any more information about the hotel which burnt down in 1960 in Jackfish...???...As I am doing some research for a book I am currently working on. You can reach at jamiessc@hotmail.com I look forward to any information you might have about this, and any pictures if you have any or know if there are any online as I cannot locate any further information.

Respectfully yours,


8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your trip us an inspiration to me! I , too, want to visit Jackfish this late September--alone. Could you please provide me with any other details on how to locate the road to Jackfish? I was surely appreciate any info you care to share!

Were you ever concerned about being on your own or were feeling comfortable?

Many Thanks,
Gail Murton (Finland, Minnesota)

2:45 PM  

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