Thursday, December 27, 2007

Orphan Lake Trail

Shortly after beginning my second hike of the day at Orphan Lake, I came upon these delightful mushrooms bursting from this root. I should be able to at least tell you the latin name, but I fear I've lost quick access to that knowledge of parisitic mushrooms... I'd guess honey mushroom given its colour and shape, but that is just like guessing that someone is named Jennifer since there are so many of them.

I'll complete my journey around Orphan Lake slowly over then next week. But here are the first steps if you can imagine hiking up a trail through the hardwood hills, bright leaves littering the ground, but many still clinging to the trees. Lots of maples in all their scarlet glory. The temperature is that frustrating one.. crisp in the shade and warm in the sun, leaving you stripping layers on and off to manage your temperature. The sun poking in and out of site behind clouds that would bring unbelievablye torrential rain that night.
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