Friday, January 18, 2008

Final Stop Before Home


At some point I decided that I needed to be home before dark - that I'd had a lovely trip, but another night of camping and more driving just really wasn't in me - so home I went, but to compensate for not making it to Algonquin - I stopped at Arrowhead Park for one last short hike up and down the river - and for the first time in days I was somewhere crowded with people - which left me feeling grateful to the Park Warden for convincing me to stop and stay at Restoule where there were far fewer people. Still there were lots of beautiful natural things to take pictures of at Arrowhead.

I'm stopping my tale here for today - I'll leave shuffling through my 100 or so Arrowhead photos for later. But I wanted to make a few unrelated comments.

First - you will note that I broke the 10,000 hits barrier in my stats below (at least for one of the 2 counters). Secondly, you'll note that I added 2 new links - one to the vinyl cafe (which I was lucky enough to see at convocation hall last weekend and one to Dala - who was one of two musical guests on the vinyl cafe. There is some back story here as we were supposed to go the Sunday before we left for NB - but a snow storm whomped Toronto leaving it eerily quiet and the vinyl cafe cancelled. I do have some pictures of that which perhaps I'll get to post in a week as I start catching up to January.

Finally, you'll knote a knew knitting lynx section - I'm still working on this, but it'll take me a while to fully develop it.

I think that is all for now.


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