Monday, January 07, 2008

Knitwit On the Road

One of the best parts of being a passanger on a long drive is time that can only be used for knitting, talking and listening to Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe. Not that there isn't anything esle you can do, but the there are things that you should do that can't be done so you can feel like you are making good use of your time. The top photo is a scarf in progress for a christmas pattern with a seed stitch. The big scary scarf at the bottom is the same deal, but different wool, the middle picture is my first dishcloth using a mix of basketweave and waspnest stitches and the pale green scarf at the bottom is a basketweave with bamboo yarn. Its curling around the edges, but its silky soft. Now that I don't have any future car rides coming up, I suspect that I won't get much knitting done. I'm aware that none of these are particulary challanging pieces (aside from finding time), but for me it inovled learning 2 new stitches (waspnest and basketweave) and working with different types of yarn. Should I have time - I have a pair of mittens that are nearly done and just need the top and thumb on one of them to complete, a half started pair of wool socks and 2 balls of kroy socks yarn in paintbox that would like to be a pair of socks and 3 or four projects started on round needles that should either become hats or neck warms evenutally. One day.... but not soon.
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