Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last Trip Post





I guess like the hike, I'm just going nuts with the photo - I can't believe I'm actually all the way through my trip (in a posting sense). I was shocked at how busy Arrowhead was on the long weekend. I guess a lot of people come up from TO. Coincidently - they are holding the Muskoka Loppet there this weekend - although I won't be there yet. I've hardly been skiing yet, so I figured it would be persumptuous to make my first major ski trip to be a race. This weekend, I'm sincerely hoping to get out and do some skiing now that there is some snow and also to add some ski links to the blog.

For upcoming stories - well, I do have some back logged stuff - like the snowstorm in TO when our original trip to the Vinyl Cafe was in vain and some pretty wintery pics of the credit. I guess I'm going to have to get my butt in gear and take some new pictures.

Thanks for sharing my journey with my - I don't think I expected to still be posting so many months later... but it was a fantastic trip full of great moments, good lookouts for contemplation and some decent challanges...and back to my current challange for me.
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