Tuesday, February 05, 2008

20 km of Blissful Skiing

A day of skiing at Nordic Highlands was well work the early start (I was out the door by 7 am and at the bus pick up for 7:15 (nearly an hour early - between green light luck and it being closer than I thought in the first place and aiming to be early at any rate). I skied for about 4 hours, learned about nano fibers of carbon and how they can lighten a ski and throughly enjoyed the wonder day. The people were super friendly and aside from having to frog all of the work I did on my sock on the bus because I seem to be short 3 stitches (grrr) and having more blister than heel, all was winterly perfect. Gabe popped over yesterday at the last minute and we greedily watched the last 4 episodes of season 1 of Heroes - my new favourite TV show - until long after we should have slept and now I have a reason to be irked about the writer's strike!!! This morning, my altruistic descision not to put the garbage out in the pouring rain (to save the garbage persons from having to heft a box of soaking newprint) bit me in the butt. I started the morning hauling my recyling across the street to meet the truck coming down the other way, dropping the dry, but still heavy box of newsprint (which also happened to be falling apart). The bottom of the box shattered, scattering my now sopping wet newsprint in a big, wet, puddle. I did however get most of it recycled, hauling it to the truck in my arms, then going back for the remains... joy... So, I have a 3rd of a box leftover, but that isn't so bad - or it wouldn't have been until I realized that I'd managed to lock myself out of the house in the process. Fortunately, my mom was up at that point and the rest of the day went smoothly and pleasently - which means I got to drink my coffee when it was just the right temperature and I survived wearing only one pair of socks in rainboots in snow...
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