Thursday, February 21, 2008

A brief escape to O-town

Well, I drove all the way to Ottawa and back (and stayed there for about 3 days) in a snow storm (both ways) and this is one of the only pictures I took. I knit the hat myself and it was well recieved by its recipient. I even had company going in both directions. I did try and get some pictures of the moon last night, but without a tripod or any manual control of my focus - I gave it up for a bad idea (since it was cold) and went back to annoying visiting (and expecting) family with a toy dinosaur.

Back to gabbing briefly about Ottawa, I had good company for the drives and the snow was pretty. We had yummy subs in Omeemee (becoming a favourite stop on highway 7). I actually worked the entire time I was in Ottawa - so even though it was lovely and winterlude - I didn't see any ice sculptures or ski. It was still a good trip, but I thought I'd do more. I did manage to round up a small fraction of the Ottawa folks I know for Coffee - which was a good time. In particular, I hadn't seen my roomate from Fredericton in about 3 years and another old friend I definately haven't seen in almost 2.

so... maybe next year.. I'll actually go visit Ottawa, stay there and be a tourist. :D I still have to visit my Aunt Isabel.

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