Monday, March 24, 2008

Waning Winter Woes

In spite of 2 cm of snow this morning, I sense that winter is waning and spring and all the changes it brings is coming quickly. The above photo was an unusually unpainful self portrait I took while skiing. My geraniums are hanging in - one is even threatening to flower although most of them are threatening to die from lack of water - which I hear is easier to cure than root rot from over watering.

I'm in the throes of thesis writing which is about as pleasent as breaking rocks with hammers and less good for calorie burning and cardio.

Yesterday, I paid Gabe back for all his help with my field work by playing assistant while he took so shots for his school project at Philosopher's Wool in Inverhuron. The people who run it are really cool - and while Gabe was snapping some pictures of sheep, Ann managed to teach me to knit 2-handed fair-isle so quickly that I was pleasantly astonished. They have a lot of good thinks - especially regarding sustainable agriculture - and beautiful sweater kits. So, once I've cleared a few nearly finished projects from my needles, I'm going to tackle a Kilim Jacket in the Night Sky Colourway - which I'm going to try and finish for next Christmas and then maybe try knitting some matching socks or something. Stupidly, in spite of bringing a camera - I didn't take any pictures for my blog. So maybe I can con one out of Gabe later.

It was a good change of scenery even if we didn't add to our provincial park count, I suspect I'll be back in that direction at some point this summer to do some hiking.
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